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We try to provide highest quality education, we train our students to face the challenges come in the way of communication English

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brilliant english

A place where learning becomes an easy task

learning English means learning its speech, sounds, words and strucrures.

Always two languages differ in structure. As such the knowledge of nature of the English language helps a student in avoiding the use of literal translation.

Why Brilliant English ?

Structural Approach

Teaching the basic structures of English

Easy learning method

Translation, direct and bilingual methods

Smart Classes

easy accessibility and digitally learning with ease

Communication skills

Stressing on oral and verbal parts of English language. with less amount of efforts

reading skills

improving power of reading by learning English pronunciation

English Quiz

Sharing tips about how to correct grammatical mistakes

easy english with kalim

Brilliant English website is a wonderful place to increase knowledge. Blogs posts are easy, useful, and awesome. It is well organized and efficient. That keeps its readers coming back.

Mohammad Kalim

Founder of this website (English trainer)

Courses offered with 3 world languages.
Countries represented by over 1000 Students.
Teaching faculty with 1 man and 1 woman.

English : At a Glance

English language is used for many purposes. we use it for relationship in oral and written forms, and also for communicating information personally and professionally as well.

Advancements in the field of science and technology have tried to improve the system of teaching-learning considerably.

What our students say ?

“Brilliant English is undoubtedly the best institution in India for it’s commitment and responsibility towards students.”

brilliant english

Waseeya Naaz

Computer engineer

“What I am today is because of the Brilliant English . The teachers are very helpful and committed towards students.”

brilliant english

Mohammad Azeem

Mechanical Engineer

Because you are bound to succeed

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