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2 minutes speech topics

Best and useful 2 minutes speech topics in English for those who really wants to gain the power of speaking by speaking simple and unique topics.

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Unique Essays in English for 2 minutes speech topics

Short speech consists of a number of Sentences put together in the group based on one topic or a bunch of similar sentences or idea-units can be considered to be small topic for speaking within two minutes.

2 minutes speech topics

Instant 2 minutes speech topics


1. My best friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed (सच्चा दोस्त वहीं जो वक्त पर काम आए). The world looks dark without a friend. Happy are those who have a true friend. I am lucky to have Zain Ali as my best friend. He belongs to a noble (प्रशंसनीय / बहुत अच्छा ) family. He is my classmate. We work, play and study together.

He is good at studies. He always comes first in the class.  He is very active and cheerful (प्रसन्न). He is easy-going ( शांत मिज़ाज) and humorous (हॅंसमुख) . He is in the school football team.  He often helps me in English and maths because I am weak in these two subjects.

On holidays we go for a long rides on our motorcycles. Recently ( हाल ही में) when I fell, he proved to be a friend in need by visiting me daily and helping me to complete my notes. His friendship means a lot to me.


2. My hobby

Every man has got some hobby. Some people are interested in reading novels and short stories books. Some take the pleasure (खुशी) of gardening. My hobby is to read religious books.

I read the Qur’an, the Gita, the Bible and others. I get inspiration (प्रेरणा) from these books. I am very fond of reading such books.

This types of books are full of arts, science, philosophy and what not (और क्या-क्या नहीं)  These books contain (में होना) lots of moral values. These books teach us how to live a better life.

It makes a man spritual (रुहानी) and mental strong.

3. Demerits (खामी/खराबी) of Television

Television has now become, almost very important part of household thing (घरेलू सामान). Everyone seems (नज़र आता) to enjoy watching it. The youngsters enjoy it more than others.

It is quite useful too for young people if they watch a few selected programmes . However what happens is that the young boys and girls watch mostly the light entertainment programmes from morning till evening.

This is a misuses (दुर्पयोग) of telivision and should be avoided. It can cause multifarious harms to body and mind. First of all, it affects the eyes. Secondly, many programmes are such that they do not have a desirable (मनचाहा) influence (प्राभाव) on the young mind.

Last but not least, the studies suffer. Students pay no attention to their homework. So television should be preferablely watched for not more than (से ज्यादा नहीं) two to three hours a day.

4. Pollution (प्रदुषण)

Today the nature is highly polluted. Smoke from homes, factories, and vehicles is polluting the air, water is being polluted with industries and city wastes.

Loudspeakers, horns and noises made by companies are causing (कारण होता है) sound pollution. Pollution causes many life taking diseases (बीमारी). Petrol or diesel burnt in vehicles emit poisonous (ज़हरीली) gases into the air.

It is full of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Water is polluted in several ways and so is the cause with sound pollution. If sound pollution exceeds (बढ़ता) a certain level one may become even deaf (बहरा).

Gradually ( धीरे-धीरे)  trees have vanished ( गायब) , which contributed to pollution. Due to pollution people are the victim (शीकार) of various diseases like heart attack, bronchitis, asthma etc.

5. My favourite game

I like football very much. It is a very popular game all over the world. I like it for many reasons. It is very interesting game. We get a plenty ( बहुत) of physical exercise in this game.

It gives us mental exercise too, we have to be active and watchful (सतर्क) all the time. We need intelligence and imagination for scoring goal. We develop fellow feeling (भाईचारा) a sense of co-operation ( सहयोग) and team spirit through this game.

We develop good habits and manners also. This game does not cost much. Its rules are very simple. We like to play this game. So that’s the reason this game is my favourite sport.

6. Importance of a newspaper

A newspaper is a means of getting news, enhancing (बढ़ाना) knowledge and getting pleasure. It publishes (छापता) various items of news for all classes men: it keeps us informed of what is happening in and around the different parts of the country and the world.

It gives us information about the latest invention ( आविष्कार) discoveries, Bollywood, sports and political news etc. And new ideas. It serves as a link between people and the government.

All kinds of information can be spread like a fire by the newspaper. It renders (देता) a great service to the people.

7. The festival I like most

India is a religious country. People of different religions castes (जाता) and creed (वंश)  live here. So different types of festivals are celebrated here in India.

Holi, Durga Puja, Basant Panchami and Chatha are some of the important festivals of Hindus. Id and Muharram are important festivals of the Muslims, and Easter and Christmas of the Christians.

Thus, India is rightly called a land of festivals. All the festivals have their own charms (आकर्षण) . But I like Durga Puja the most.

8. Discipline (अनुशासन)

Discipline is necessary in every walks of life. In fact, discipline contributes to our success. Without it our social life we be disordered. Discipline is the most important factor behind the progress of any nation.

It is necessary in school, students must be disciplined because they are the future citizens of the country. If the drivers do not obey the rules of the road, it may be dangerous to move on the road. Can a family be happy if all members refuses to be the head of the family ?

If the soldiers have lack (कमी) of discipline, they will lose the battle field. So discipline is absolutely essential (आवश्यक) in life.

9. Disadvantages (नुकसान) of Indian cinema

Indian movies here a lot of drawbacks (कमी/खामी). First of all the movies are long. A movie runs for almost three hours or so. Thus to watch a movie a person has to spend more than 2-3 hours.

Moreover the movie made in our country are mostly stereotyped. Either they are too melodramatic or are full with vulgarity and violence.

The movies are mostly watched by young people. The vulgarity shown in most of the films have a negative impact (प्रभाव) on the mind of the viewers.

The actors and actresses who are shown to engage in vulgarity (अश्लीलता) and violence in the movies are often copied by the young men and women. As a result sometimes movies make entire generation involved into unproductive work.

10. Information technology

Information technology or IT is called the latest wonder. Just a few decades before, no one could believe such a thing. Mobiles phones are the most popular product.

Have a laptop, computer and all information is at your fingers. It has resulted in the outsourcing if jobs. Many Indians now work for the foreign companies sitting in India. A crippled (अपंग) person with brain is crippled no longer.

11. The postman

The postman is a government employee (कर्मचारी) . But he a public servant.

He is the best messenger. We anxiously (व्यकुलता से) wait for his arrival ( पहुंचने) everyday. He brings happy news for some and sad news for others.

He is not responsible (जि़म्मेदार) for any types of news. He spends (गुजारता) his life in serving (सेवा करने में) the public from door to door to deliver letters.  He also gives us money orders.

He performs his duty honestly. He works throughout (सारा) the year. His work is really very hard.

12. The Barber (नाई)

The barbar is very close to us (हमारे बहुत करीब). He makes us active, handsome and smart. He cuts our nails. He bobs (काटकर छोटा करना) our hair. He trims our beard and shaves us.

He helps us to live neat and clean. Generally in village side, you might have see him (आपने उसे शायद देखा होगा). He has a wooden box. He keeps all the things of his profession (पेशा) inside it..

The Barber of the village is different from the barber of the town. In town, he has a tip-top saloon or beauty parlour where (जहां) he serves his customers.

13. The dog

The dog is a faithful animal. He has four feet, two ears, and a curved (घुमा हुआ) tail (दुम). He is of diverse (अलग-अलग) colour. People hallo a dog and he comes to them. He wags (हिलाना) his tail when he comes closer to his master. He helps his master in various ways. He forwarns (पहले से चेतावनी देना) him of danger.

He master sleeps at night, he keeps awake (जगे रहना). He helps us in protecting our home at night. He barks (भौंकना)  at stranger (अजनबी) and new comers. He chases (दौड़ाना) the thieves and catches them.

14. Eid

There are many festivals in India. But I like Eid the most. It’s actually the festival of Muslims.

After passing the month of Ramadan (fasting), Eid comes. Muslims are very happy this day. They put on new dresses. They go to Eidgha to perform Namaz. They They embrace and wish each other happy Eid.

They also donate Zaqaat (Islamic tax) to the poor not to the government. The children of the family get Eiddy (money) from their elders.

They go to their friends and relatives houese this day. They say them ‘happy Eid’. Eid is no doubt, a good festival.

15. The Ganga River

The Ganga is one of the most important rivers in India. It has occupied a central place in our heart. Most of the Indians rivers are connected with it.

The Gangotri glacier of the Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh is the source of the river Ganga. Kashi or Benaras; the most sacred (पवित्र) city of all, is on the Ganges.

The annual Kumbha fair (मेला) takes place at Haridwar and prayag on its bank (नदी का किनारा).

The devout Hindus bathe at dawn (सुबह) and perform devotions ( भक्ति). Some of them have a dip (डुबकी) in the Ganga to be holy (पवित्र होने के लिए).

16. Health is wealth

A man is called healthy who is free from physical and mental ailments( बीमारी/पीड़ा). Indeed, health is a precious (कीमती) asset (संपत्ति). It is a treasure (खज़ाना) of pleasures (खुशी).

Life, without good health, is dull and tasteless. It is then like a lemon without juice or a diamond without lustre (चमक). 

People say that a healthy farmer can enjoy life more truly than a sick (बीमार)  prince.

Undoubtedly (इस में कोई शोक नहीं) true happiness, without good health, is nothing but a dream.

To stay healthy, we must do physical exercises which are restoric tonic for health.

Health is greater blessing (वरदान) than fame (शोहरत), wealth and power. That’s why I can say, health is wealth.

17. DR. Rajendra Prasad

Dr. Rajendra Prasad is my favourite president. He was the first President of India. He is popularly known as ‘Deshratna’. He was really one of the gems of India.

He was born in a small village at Jiradei is Saran district of Bihar on 3rd of December, 1884. He was a true devotee (भक्त) of Mahatma Gandhi. He was also imprisoned (क़ैद किया गया) and put in captivity (जेल) for a number of years like all others freedom fighters (आज़ादी में लड़ने वाले) .

His all sacrifices (बलिदान) made him popular all over India. He was a man of very strong moral character. He was very simple and gentle even to a child. He used to be a very laborious (मेहनती) student in childhood.

He had to face so many difficulties (परेशानियों) during his study. He is also a great example for every student. He was one of the greatest international personality.

18. Journey by Bus

A bus journey is usually not comfortable. It is tiresome (थका देनेवाला) and boring. I made a journey to Ranchi by bus. The bus was not over-crowded. Fortunately I had booked my seat just near the window. So, I did not feel much inconvenience.

I comfortably leaned (झुका) against the window. It was very hot. But as soon as (जैसे ही) the bus started moving we had some relief. It was my first journey. I had to pass through Jamshedpur, Bundu, Rangamati, Namkum and many other small towns.

I had a very pleasant experience when the bus passed through the dense forest. The scene of the hills was enchanting. I enjoyed this journey very much.

19. Do one thing at a time

If we do too many stuffs (चीज़े) at once,we become less focused and effective. We also won’t enjoy the activity. Whether we have to talk on the phone, play with friends, wash dishes, clean the house, or read a book, we should decide to do a particular time and take up  just one thing at a time.

This will help us to have the right focus and concentration. The advantages in such an activity will be two times better. Since (चुंकी) we are fully focused on the task, we will get absorbed (लीन हो गया) and interested in it. So we will enjoy in whatever we do.

The second advantage is that we will do the task quickly and efficiently (निपुणता से) . Our skills will increase generally in all areas of out life_ writing, reading, cleaning the house, and speaking on the phone. All that we need to do is to decide on our choice and focus our attention on one thing at a time.

20. Our country : India

India is a big country. It is unique in the world. New Delhi is its capital. Its population is still more than hundred crore. It is next to Chaina in terms of population. There are approx twenty nine states in the country. It has three names_ English name is India. Urdu it’s called Hindustan and Bharat in Hindi.

Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are biggest States. It has many tribes, religions and languages. There are a lot of beautiful hill stations, Darjeeling, Shimla, Mansoori, Ooty and Kashmir.

Kashmir is considered as a paradise of India. There are many big cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Banglore. We love our country very much. Hindi is our national language but unfortunately it’s not spoken all over India.

21. The best way of spending holidays

Holidays are liked by all age groups people. Whether you are a student or professional person. Everyone loves to have holidays. I am not talking about the one or two days of holidays, rather, I mean to say summer vacations. It is the longest holidays of the year.

It generally begins in the first week of May month and goes upto June last week. Many of the people simply spend this long periods by just sleeping or watching movies. But I think it’s a total waste of time and energy.

I really want to utilise my vacation time in some useful and productive ways. I can learn something short term technical skills, English fluency development course or any fruitful computer course which can be very helpful and handy.

I don’t want to waste my time because time is something once gone, never come back again.

22. The person I like most on this planet are my parents

Two greatest persons in this planet are my parents, why ? Because I can give not only 5-6 reasons but hundreds of reasons for this.

First, I would like to thanks my lovely and wonderful parents who have given me birth. Because of them, I have been able to see such a beautiful world.

They have given me everything whatever I needed when I was a baby and till now they try to fulfill all my dreams whatsoever.

They have done a great favour to me by educating me and bringing me up in a good environment. They have taught me what’s right or wrong.

They are my guide, mentors, coach, friends, teachers who always sacrifices something or the other just for the sake of me.

They are the great source of inspiration and motivation for me. They never let me down under any circumstances. I am lucky to have such nice parents.

23. Why game should be compulsory in modern world ?

As we know that in modern world, not only young boys and girls are addicted to mobile and television but also our majority of school going children are being victimized. As our science and technology are advancing, new gadgets are coming up.

Physical exercise or activities are being ignored by our kids. They love spending their time either on TV or mobile. They don’t want to go out to play outdoor games.

In this case, our parents and teachers have a great role to play. Our school authorities or guardian can motivate our children to take part in different activities or force them to participate in sports.

Games or sports must be included in school on a daily basis so that our children’s overall personality can improve.

Spending more and more time on modern gadgets or devices can make our kids lazy, dull, inactive or slow in their studies.

Engaging in TV or mobile internet over the long periods can slow their physical or mental growth. Sports is something that can give them a plenty of opportunities to excel in their life. It can remove their mental tiredness and energize their minds. It fills a sense of responsibility or discipline which are the assets of life.

24. Good and bad impact of computer on us

As we all know that the computer is an electronic machine which does thousands of our work in few minutes.

1) Good things about it

We can do time-taking calculations quickly. We use computers almost everywhere, be it a school, college, office, banking, railway, research centre or science laboratory.

It is also being used as a household object such as personal computer (PC), laptop or in the form of tablet. Not only we do calculation from it, but also is used for online shopping, business, education, training or entertainment purposes.

2) bad impact of it

Everything has merit and demerit, a computer aslo has. Because of computer many people have lost their jobs. Working with a computer for longer hours makes a man dull and lazy, it has changed our sitting posture, it affects our backbone, eye sight and mental health.

Hacker have become very active, it has become a headache for cyber crime department. Due to internet, many pornography websites are common among the young generation. Surfing internet over the computer is a total waste of money, energy as well as time.


I am sure it will help young learners to speak theses 2 minutes speech topics to enhance their speaking skills up to some extent.

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