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How to learn communication skill in English ?

  • Communication skill is a process by which information is passed from one person to another through verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Communication skills in English is the ability to easily and fluently express your ideas with others verbally and non-verbally. Language is a very effective means of communication. It is convenient, cheap, and permits emotional expression, so language is widely used for the purpose of communication.


A good communication skill helps us achieve our goals and make meaningful connections with people. Your success at work or an internship depends on how well you communicate.

“communication” has a very broad meaning; it can be everything from a one-on-one conversation to mass communication through media outlets. It requires Advanced English and a bit sound knowledge of grammar to speak it correctly.

Communication skills are those that require you to say the right thing, in the right way, to the right person. The ‘right thing’ is an idea that captures your audience’s attention and draws them toward you.

How to learn communication skill in English ?

Communication skills are one of the most important skills a human can have, and also one of the most difficult to learn. How can you improve your communication skills?

This article is about how to  learn English communication skills, but the themes which it explores are universal and apply to learning any subject.

As a teacher I’m often stunned by how poor many English speakers are at communication. Keep these points in mind.

Listening to others

Listening is the process of receiving, interpreting and responding to messages. Listening skills are essential to your overall communication skills. Good listening skills will help you succeed in solving personal problems; contribute effectively to group activities, such as meetings or workshops; reduce workplace conflict; and develop positive relationships, both inside and outside your organization.

In this world it is constantly demanded that you communicate with others. Communication skills are a great help to pass these periods comfortably without any botheration. For communication you need good listening skills and active listening, not just the ability to speak.

Body language

Gesturing is one of the most significant communication ability. It is so powerful that you should apply it even when you are speaking a foreign language and you don’t understand the body language of the people around you.

Body language, the unspoken means of communication, is a universal language that we all share. The study of and awareness of body language in non-verbal communication is universal and an important part of social discourse.

Speak but slow

Communication is just one of many skills that are useful in life. But it is a particular kind of skill: You can read and write far better than you can listen and speak. The secret to good communication in English is to slow down for it, because the relation between how fast you speak a language and how well you speak it is complex: A slow pace forces you to make your message clear, both when you’re speaking and when you’re listening.

Communication skill

Talking with someone

The ability to speak English well, both in terms of pronunciation and fluency, is a prized skill for any foreign language learner. The best way to do this is to find someone who’s first language is English (ideally a native speaker) and just practise speaking with them.

You see almost everyone nowadays talks in English. Communication should not just be a skill but a passion. Here we can discuss everything about communication, from body language to the most commonly used words and phrases.

The top portion of the English language is primarily about communication. Indians, however, see communication skills as a way to secure a job or job-promotion. But English is not just a tool. The art of communicating in English would help you lead more fulfilling lives.

Record yourself

A communication tool for recording your self, with the Karaoke effect feature which allows you to record yourself singing and play back later on

Professional Voice Modulation Software is a unique, inexpensive, easy to use speech and voice recorder with cutting-edge speaker-adaptive technology.

Record yourself for Communication Skills is a software that let you record or import your voice and then practice and improve your pronunciation. It supports several exercise types, with different features: repetition, pause playback, a phonetic spelling of the word, a visual display of the mouth, highlight all mistakes made by the user.

Listening to music with its lyrics

When you are listening to music it is a bit like reading a book. You need to focus and be able to extract the idea of the song from the lyrics.

Communication skill

Listen to the lyrics and the music at the same time. Pay attention to how similar or different they are. Are there any instances where they complement each other?

Music is a universal language.   It is something which can be used to express feelings, thoughts and ideas. There are many different ways in which music can be expressed. It can even become a tool for improving English communication skills.

Telephonic conversation

I believe that communication is an essential life skill. It can make us more effective in relationship, work, family and daily tasks. The first thing we need to keep in mind is that as Communication skills develop it’s an on-going process and no one should expect to be an expert.

A basic skill that all hotel staff should have is the ability to greet, communicate, and interact with hotel patrons. The telephone greeting is an essential part of this communication process. It is important for you to develop a warm and friendly tone communication skills in your voice.

Communication skill

Asking questions during conversation

Asking questions is a key feature of communication. There are many reasons why questions are useful. In order to ask the right ones, it can be very helpful to know the objective of any communication. Questioning from both the ends is a sign of a healthy discussion.

Since the beginning of time, human communities have sought to understand their world. From discovering what makes the sky blue to understanding which plants will cure malaria, civilizations have relied on questioning. And that is why at BOOM Learning we believe in questioning as a way to learn, explore, and construct knowledge.

I hope, above mentioned points may leave some good impacts on your personal and professional life regarding today’s topic!

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