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Active and passive voice

If you have not learnt Active and passive voice in English, it means your knowledge is scanty, for, you need to think about it. It constitutes most of the English sentences specially in written and spoken English as well. One must have depth Idea of how to use it in English communication.

What is active and passive voice ?

Verb (क्रिया) के उस रुप को Voice (वाच्य) कहते हैं जो verb के subject का संबंध काम (action) से है जो व्यक्त करता है। यह स्पष्ट करता है कि subject कुछ कार्य करता है या उसके लिए कुछ किया जाता है।

In short :  verb के उस रुप को  Voice (वाच्य) कहते हैं जिससे यह स्पष्ट हो कि subject काम करता है या उसके लिए कुछ किया जाता है।

Now let’s have a look at these sentences

A – Sheela sings a song. शीला गाना गाती है।

P – A song is sung by Sheela. शीला के द्वारा गाना गाया जाता है।

A – He wrote a letter. उसने पत्र लिखा था।

P – A letter was written by him. पत्र उसके द्वारा लिखा गया था।

A – The teacher will teach me. शिक्षक मुझे पढ़ाएंगे।

P – I will be taught by the teacher. मुझे शिक्षक के द्वारा पढ़ाया जाएगा।

A – Madhu is making food. मधु खाना बना रही है।

P – Food is being made by Madhu. खाना मधु के द्वारा बनाया जा रहा है।

NOTE : Active voice में बारह Tenses होते हैं, लेकिन Passive Voice में सिर्फ आठ Tenses होते हैं और बोल-चाल में केवल 6 का प्रयोग अधिकतर होता है , जो हमलोग एक-एक कर सीखेंगे। 

Active and passive voice

Active से Passive Voice बनाने का नियम :

  1. Active voice sentence का object passive voice का Subject बन जाता है। 
  2. और passive voice का Subject के अनुसार  Tense के मुताबिक (is,  are, am , was, were, been, being रहेगा। 
  3. Passive voice sentence का main verb हमेशा V³ में रहता है। 
  4. V³ के बाद जरुरत के हिसाब से by + agent का प्रयोग होगा  agent का मतलब जिसके द्वारा काम किया जाता है जैसे, me, you, us, them, him, her, it। जो आप उदाहरण sentences में पहले ही देख चुके हैं कैसे।  

Subject कुछ इस तरह से change होगा जैसा कि  नीचे Table में दिखाया गया है। 

‘I’ होगा तो वह ‘me’ में change होगा, ‘you’ रहा तो ‘you’ में ही change होगा, इत्यादि

Active voice

Passive voice
















अब हम देखेंगे कि हर एक Tense में बनाने का कौनसा different Structures होगा।

1. Passive voice of Simple present tense


Passive Structure :

[ Object + is/are/am + V³ + by + agent ]

अगर हमारा active voice sentence का sentence है।

A – He eats a mango.

He – subject है।

eats – verb है।

a mango – object है।

तो इस को passive voice में change करने के लिए ऊपर दिए गए formula से बनेगा।

P – A mango is eaten by him. आम उसके द्वारा खाया जाता है।

चुंकी एक आम की बात हो रही है इसलिए हम is का प्रयोग कर रहे हैं और eat का V³ eaten होता है, फिर He – him होता जो agent है, जिसे हमने उपर Table में भी देखा है।

इसी तरह से आपको सारे active को passive में change करना होगा।

Let’s see some more examples:

A- He writes a story.

P- A story is written by him.

A- I teach English.

P- English is taught by me.

A- They do the work.

P- The work is done by them.

A- She buys apples.

P- Apples are bought by her.

A- Father brings the books.

P- The books are brought by father.

A- We watch movies.

P- movies are watched by us.

A- You ask a lot of questions.

P- A lot of questions are asked by you.

Exercises -1

Change Active voice into Passive Voice 

1. I play football. 2. You sell newspapers. 3. We clean the house. 4. They decorate the house. 5. He writes an application. 6. She speaks Urdu. 7. Raj drives a car. 8. Sita tells a story. 9. My friend makes tea. 10. The boys do the homework.

2. Passive voice of Simple past tense

Passive Structure :

[ Object + was/were + V³ + by + agent ]

Have some examples of passive voice

A- He gave a book. उसने किताब दिया था। P- A book was given by him. उसके द्वारा किताब दिया गया था।

A. I sent a mail.

P- A mail was sent by me.

A- You sold a car.

P- A car was sold by you.

A- We saw a lion.

P- A lion was seen by us.

A- They spoke French.

P- French was spoken by them.

A- She told everything.

P- Everything was told by her.

A-  The child drinks milk.

P- Milk is drunk by the child.

Exercises -2

Change Active voice into Passive Voice 

1. I played hockey. 2. You watched TV. 3. He looked the house. 4. She  decorated the room. 5. He bought vegetable. 6. We spoke Hindi. 7. The child ate honey. 8. Gopi told a lie. 9. Mother prepared pizza. 10. The girl did the job.


3. Passive voice of Simple Future tense

Passive Structure :

[ Object + will + be + V³ + by + agent ]

Have some examples of passive voice

A- I will do the job. मैं नौकरी करुंगा।

P- The job will be done by me. नौकरी मेरे द्वारा किया जायेगा।

A- He will drink water.

P- Water will be drunk by him.

A- She will call a doctor.

P- A doctor will be called by her.

A- You will read a book.

P- A book will be read by you.

A- farmer will cultivate the land.

P- The land will be cultivated by farmer.

A- The cow will eat grass.

P- Grass will be eaten by the cow.

Exercises -3

Change Active voice into Passive Voice 

1. I will say this. 2. We will keep the mobile. 3. He will fly a kite. 4. She will teach a lesson. 5. A man will do duty. 6. Raman will open the door. 7. Manju will close the window. 8. A woman will look the satar. 9. A girl will change the mindset. 10. You will ask a simple question.


4. Passive voice of  present continuous tense

Passive Structure :

[ Object + is/are/am + being + V³ + by + agent ]

Have some examples of passive voice

A- I am cutting a tree. मैं पेड़ काट रहा हूं।

P- A tree is being cut. पेड़ मेरे द्वारा काटा जा रहा है।

A- You are saving money.

P- Money is being saved by you.

A- He is counting pages.

P- Pages are being counted by him.

A- They are distributing blankets.

P- Blankets are being distributed by them.

Exercise – 4

Change Active voice into Passive Voice 

1. I am singing a song. 2. You are making a boat. 3. We are eating food. 4. They are arranging the office. 5. She is bending the rod. 6. He is killing a bird. 7. A man is cheating others. 8. A lady is helping a boy. 9. Muhammad is plucking flowers. 10. Driver is repairing a car.

5. Passive voice of  past continuous tense

Passive Structure :

[ Object + was/were + being + V³ + by + agent ]

Have some examples of passive voice 

A- I was looking a picture. मैं तस्वीर देख रहा था।

P- A picture was being looked by me. तस्वीर मेरे द्वारा देखा जा रहा था।

A- We were giving money.

P- Money was being given by us.

A- They were speaking true.

P- True was being spoken by them.

A- He was taking a ticket.

P- A ticket was being taken by him.

A- She was picking up names.

P- Names were being picked up by her.

Exercise – 5

Change Active voice into Passive Voice 

1. I was mixing colour. 2. You were baking a cake. 3. We were making a list. 4. They were searching jobs. 5. He was rolling stones. 6. She was frying fish. 7. A man was peeling onions. 8. The boy was polishing shoes. 9. A woman was giving advice. 10. Playere were playing tournament.


6. Passive voice of  Present perfect tense

Passive Structure :

[ Object + has/have + been + V³ + by + agent ]

Have some examples of passive voice 

A- I have seen the Taj Mahal. मैंने ताज महल देखा है।

P- The Taj Mahal has been seen by me. ताज महल मेरे द्वारा देखा है।

A- You have given a pen.

P- A pen has been given by you.

A- They have made a plan.

P- A plan has been made by them.

A- He has brought sweets.

P- Sweets have been brought by him.

A- She has made a mistake.

P- A mistake has been done by her.

A- Rohit has broken the glass.

P- Glass has been broken by Rohit.

Exercise – 6

Change Active voice into Passive Voice 

1. We have sold old car. 2. They have done the work. 3. She has completed the class. 4. He has sent a mail. 5. People have bought belts. 6. Farmer has finished farming. 7. The dog has eaten bone. 8. The baby has dropped the toy. 9. We have purchased a bat. 10. They have cut the wood.

Exercises have been given for you to do thoroughly practice in black and white.

You are welcome to ask any queries get raised in your mind.

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