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One word substitution

One word substitution

 इसका मतलब होता है ( एकार्थी शब्द ), ‘एक शब्द के लिए अनेक शब्द’। जैसे, ‘अपने देश से दूसरे देश में सामान जाना का one word substitution होता है -(निर्यात)  

यह भी एक अच्छा तरीका है एक साथ multiple words याद करने का। जिससे की आपके Word vocabulary या learning new English words जैसे समस्या कुछ हद तक दूर हो सकती है।

क्या आपको लगता है कि सिर्फ Tense, Modal Verbs, preposition , और Conditional Sentences को सीख लेना अच्छी English speaking करने के लिए काफी है, तो जवाब है, “हां” लेकिन Word, Phrases, और phrasal verbs सीखना भी उतना ही ज़रूरी है वरना आपकी अंग्रेजी “एक बटलर की English जैसी बनकर रह जाएगी।

आइए जानते हैं कि कितने common one word substitution है जो English communication में बार बार बोला जाता है। नीचे 50 से अधिक दिया गया है और उसका जवाब को (bold ) में bracket के अन्दर दिया गया है।

One word substitution with answers

  1. A very successful film – (Blockbuster)
  2. Made for a particular purpose – (Ad hoc)
  3. A book that sells in a very large number – (Bestseller)
  4. A former student of a school or college – (Alumnus)
  5. Any liquid for drinking – (Beverage)
  6. One who is too fond of reading and study – (Bookworm)
  7. A glass container for fish and other animals – (Aquarium)
  8. A list of writings on a subject – (Bibliography)
  9. A substance that can stick or causes sticking- (Adhesive)

One word substitution

  1. A person who works under someone to learn that person’s skills- ( Apprentice)
  2. The scientific study of plants-(Botany)
  3.  The art of arranging dances- (Choreography)
  4. A study of cooking – (Cuisine)
  5. A wise saying in a few words – (Maxim)
  6. One who is unable to stop the habit of drinking – (Alcoholic)
  7. A small booklet giving instructions or details – (Brochure)
  8. An animal living both on land and water – (Amphibian)
  9. The scientific study of heavenly bodies – (Astronomy)
  10. A person taking an active part in a movement – (Activist)
  11. An instrument for measuring the air- (Barometer)
  12. A powerful machine used for pushing heavy objects out of the way – (Bulldozer) 
  13. A short written account of one’s education and past employment – (Biodata) 
  14. A school for training in a special art- (Academy) 
  15. A false idea or belief – (Fallacy)
  16. A public show of objects – (Exhibition)
  17. Gradual development from simpler forms – (Evolution)
  18. One who likes to spend time with others – (Extrovert)
  19. That which is mysterious and very hard to understand – (Enigmatic)
  20. The ability to produce new and original ideas- (Creativity)
  21. One who is prepared to take dangerous risk- (Dare-devil)
  22. One who plays funny parts in plays and movies- (Comedian)
  23. The natural colour of skin- (complexion)
  24. Connected with the brain- (Cerebral)
  25. Connected with the heart – ( Cardiac)
  26. An occasion of public enjoyment – ( Carnival)
  27. A group of people who sing together- (Chorus)
  28. A small bed for a baby- ( Cradle)
  29. Hard and uninteresting work – (Drudgery)
  30. An article of trade and commerce – (Commodity)
  31. A work of art having lasting importance – (Classic)
  32. A plant-eating animal- (Herbivore)
  33. A scene in a movie that goes back in time – (Flashback)
  34. Two weeks – (fortnight)
  35. A large group of stars – ( Galaxy)
  36. The worship of idols -(Idolatry)
  37. A company having operations in many different countries – (Multinational)
  38. A friendly informal meeting for enjoyment – (Get-together)
  39. The place in the ground where a dead person is buried – (Grave)
  40. To cover with thin metal or plastic sheets – (Laminate)
  41. A book giving information about how to do something – (Manual)
  42. A place where small children are taken care of – (Nursery)
  43. That which is egg-shaped – (Oval)
  44. Meat from pigs – (pork)
  45. Meat from cows – (Beef)
  46. A building where alcohol may be bought and drunk – (Pub)
  47. A small machine that regularises heartbeats – (Pacemaker)
  48. Darkness cause by blocking of light – (Shadow)
  49. A book containing an official record or list – (Register)
  50. Related to breathing – (Respiratory)
  51. A partner in a business who takes no active part – (Sleeping partner)

With one word substitution, you can improve your vocabulary part. I think that’ll be great help to your English speaking skills.

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